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HealthTipsAtoZ is the nation's leading independent, nonprofit health information source for men and women. Our mission is to educate women to make informed health choices for themselves and for their families. For 30 years, millions of women have turned to HealthTipsAtoZ for answers to their most personal health care questions. Healthtipsatoz provides objective, research-based health information reviewed by medical experts to ensure its accuracy. Consumers, health care providers, nonprofit and corporate partners, and the media trust HealthTipsAtoZ as a valued and reliable health information source.

Nothing is more important to our health than access to competent and affordable care and the safety of our medicines and health care delivery practices. HealthTipsAtoZ works to educate men and women about health policy issues in these and other areas. We recognize the importance of clinical trials for improving women's health and support women's health research, particularly where sex may make a difference in research results. HealthTipsAtoZ advocates on behalf of women to ensure that women's health is a primary focus of policymakers and advocacy groups. Our investment in developing science-based information and our effort to incorporate perspectives reflected by advances in research and technology will further our mission to provide women with relevant and accurate health resources.

HealthTipsAtoZ . . .

Connects with women through creative programming as:

The leading source of medically reviewed health content on diseases, conditions and lifestyle issues for women age 35+

An award-winning media platform with a total of 7.4 million unique visitors in 2017

An inclusive, highly engaged, proactive community where women have a voice through surveys, blogs, and social media

A health information source for more than 68,000 consumers who subscribe to HealthTipsAtoZ's e-newsletters

Keeps women's health part of the national dialogue by:

Raising awareness for women and decision-makers about the impact health policy has on women and families

Educating women about the importance of participating in clinical research trials

Advocating funding support for women's health research and the need for sex differences research to improve women's health

Works collaboratively to help more women achieve healthier lives by:

Creating partnerships and alliances to highlight women's health needs and identifying actionable solutions and programming goals

Engaging a strong national partner network of advocacy groups, women's centers, clinics, and healthcare systems to disseminate health information

Exploring emerging women's health issues with national thought leaders and industry

Encouraging dialogue between women and their health care providers

Optimizing social media platforms to highlight women's health issues

Conducting research that garners unique insight from consumers and health care professionals


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How can I increase Testosteron level fast and safe?

Testosterone is crucially important when it comes to gaining muscle. It’s the most important muscle-building hormone in the body, and it’s a limiting factor in determining how much muscle you can gain and how quickly you can do it.

It has been found that about twenty percent and one in four men currently have testosterone levels that are below the healthy range.

Which will induce quite a few negative facet effects. Decreased muscle growth, obviously, fat gain, less motivation. You’ll probably feel more fatigued.

You’ll have a mood swing, possibly, even depression. And it can also negatively impact your cardiovascular health and even increased the risk of prostate cancer too.
1. Maintaining a regular weight training and exercise plan. 
 People who exercise on a daily basis have higher androgen levels, plain and simple. And intense resistance training is one of the best things you can do both in terms of increasing actual testosterone levels and improving androgen receptor sensitivity …

What is Breast cancer?

What is Breast cancer? Breast cancer is a Disease. The Breast cancer cell of Breast is growing in out of control. Breast cancer occurs mainly in females and in rare cases of men.

Breast cancer makes a tumor that can be seen in the x-ray. Breast cancer will be dangerous if the cells can grow in the surrounding tissues of the body.

It will start as a lump in the breast. It is general in women but in men it is more dangerous rather than women.

Types of Breast cancer
The type of Breast cancer depends on whether cancer spread or not. Basically two types of Breast cancer―

A) Non-Invasive Breast cancer
B) Invasive Breast cancer

Non Invasive Breast cancer
In the Non-Invasive Breast cancer, it will start in the milk duct and has not grown on the surrounding tissues. It is also called Intraductal Carcinoma. It is pre-invasive Breast cancer.

Invasive Breast cancer
In the Invasive Breast cancer, that has spread into the surrounding breast tissues. Invasive Breast cancer makes up 70% to 80% of al…

What is Angioedema - You must know about it

What is Angioedema
In simple words, Angioedema can be described as a type of swelling inside the deeper part of the skin’s inner layer and beneath. The swelling is often caused by an accumulation of fluid over a period of several minutes to a few hours.

Some other names of Angioedema are:

AngiooedemaQuincke's edema,&Angioneurotic edema In normal cases, the symptoms of Angioedema can affect any of the body parts of the patient. However, the swelling takes place in the following body parts mostly.

In some of the cases, it has been observed that the swelling occurs along with the advent of hives. Therefore, angioedema is also known as giant hives as well.

These hives are prickly and raised as well in nature. They are red welts that develop on the surface of the skin and it involves only two layers of skin. Hives are also known as Urticaria as well.

It has been observed that both hives and angioedema can be effected through:

Intolerance towards certain type…