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What is Breast cancer?

What is Breast cancer?

Breast cancer is a Disease. The Breast cancer cell of Breast is growing in out of control. Breast cancer occurs mainly in females and in rare cases of men.

Breast cancer makes a tumor that can be seen in the x-ray. Breast cancer will be dangerous if the cells can grow in the surrounding tissues of the body.

It will start as a lump in the breast. It is general in women but in men it is more dangerous rather than women.

Types of Breast cancer

The type of Breast cancer depends on whether cancer spread or not. Basically two types of Breast cancer―

A) Non-Invasive Breast cancer
B) Invasive Breast cancer

Non Invasive Breast cancer

In the Non-Invasive Breast cancer, it will start in the milk duct and has not grown on the surrounding tissues. It is also called Intraductal Carcinoma. It is pre-invasive Breast cancer.

Invasive Breast cancer

In the Invasive Breast cancer, that has spread into the surrounding breast tissues. Invasive Breast cancer makes up 70% to 80% of all breast cancer.

Types of Invasive Breast cancer

Some types of Invasive Breast cancer having special features and developments in a different outlook.

 There are some types of Invasive Breast cancer—

A) Triple-Negative Breast Cancer
B) InflammatoryBreast Cancer

Triple-Negative Breast Cancer-

It is an aggressive type of invasive breast cancer. Triple-negative breast cancer is all about 15% of all breast cancer. It is very difficult to treat.

Inflammatory breast cancer-

It is an uncommon type of invasive breast cancer. Inflammatory breast cancer is all about 1% to 5% of all breast cancer.

Paget disease of the nipple–

Paget disease cancer starts in the duct of the nipple but when it grows affect the skin and areola of the nipple.

Phyllodes tumor–

This is a very rare type of Breast cancer. It will grow in the connective tissues of the breast.


Angiosarcoma is a type of Breast cancer that grows in the blood vessels or lymph vessels of the breast.

Symptoms of Breast cancer

Breast cancer has no symptoms but people may experience. Some of the useful points will be given –

  • Lump in the breast.
  • Bloody discharge from the nipple.
  • Changes the shape of the nipple.
  • Puckering of skin.
  • Pain in your breast.
  • Swelling in the armpit.

Causes of Breast cancer–

Exact causes of Breast cancer is not clear till now but there are given some risky factor–


Chances of Breast cancer will be increased according to your Age. That means at 20-year chances of Breast cancer will be 0.05% but at 70 years it will increase till 3.85%.


People inherit a gene that increases breast cancer.

Dense Breast tissues–

Those women who have more dense Breast to receive a diagnosis of Breast cancer.


Breastfeeding is more likely to reduce the chances of Breast cancer.

Alcohol drinking–

Alcohol is better to play the role to increase the chances of Breast cancer. According to studies, the chances of Breast cancer is higher in those women who consume alcohol rather than others.


Radiation treatment increases the chances of Breast cancer.

Hormone treatment–

According to the ACS studies, found to be hormone replacement therapy is much increase the chances of Breast cancer.

Cosmetic Breast implants–

A review found that women increases or having a higher risk of breast cancer who implants cosmetic Breast.

Prevention of Breast cancer–

There is no way to prevent your Breast cancer but something we can do like–

  • Changing your lifestyle and reduce the risk of Breast cancer.
  • Take healthful diet.
  • Avoid the taking of alcohol you can reduce the risk of Breast cancer.
  • Doing exercise to fit your body and reduce the growth of unwanted cells.
  • Maintain the ratio of your age, height, and mass (BMI).
  • Women have the option of Breastfeeding and use HRT to reduce the risk of Breast cancer.
  • Smoking is also a better role to play in increasing the risk of Breast cancer.

Diagnosis of Breast cancer–

Regularly testing and procedures are used to diagnosis of Breast cancer, which it might be included–

Breast exam–

In this exam, the doctor will check your both breast and lymph node in your armpit.


Mammogram testing is an x-ray of the Breast. It is commonly used for screening of Breast. In this, if anything is showing abnormally your doctor may recommend for diagnosis Mammogram for further deciding the abnormality.

Breast Ultrasound–

In the breast Ultrasound testing, Ultrasound waves used to produce your breast picture to deep structure in the body. It is used to determine for finding lymph in your breast.

Removing a sample of Breast cell for testing-

It is also known as a biopsy. A biopsy is a right way to diagnosis breast cancer. In biopsy doctor, will uses the needle device with an x-ray to extract the tissues from the suspicious place. That sample sent in the laboratory to determine the cells are involved in cancer or not. This testing also determines which type of cancer you have.

Magnetic resonance imaging–

Magnetic resonance imaging is a type of scanning. This is used to the magnet which is linked to the computer. It will make more details of your breast.

Treatment of Breast cancer–

Treatment of Breast cancer having several ways, it depends on the types of cancer.
People have more choices for the treatment of Breast cancer rather than before. In this remove those cells which had cancerous.

There are some types which may include–


In the surgery that will remove who involved in cancer or whole breast. It is also known as mastectomy or just remove tissues or lymph or lymph nodes in armpit called lumpectomy.

Radiation therapy–

In radiation therapy, use the high definition of the wave to kill cells of cancerous.

Other treatments are used to generally control the growth of cells which may include–


Chemotherapy is used drugs to kill the cells of cancer. It will use powerful medicine to fight for the disease which may have more side effects like nausea, hair loss, early menopause, etc.

Hormone therapy–

Hormone therapy uses drugs to control hormones or cells like estrogen which is fuelling the cells of Breast cancer.

Targeted therapy–

This type of therapy used to prompt the immune system to destroy cancer.
These is the types of treatment to use. But first, talk to your doctor and discuss all the treatment options and learn how much affect your lifestyle.

Sentinels biopsy–

In this type of biopsy remove the few nodes of the lymph node from the tumor. This lymph node is called a sample that is used for testing.


Any type of treatment you do but first talk to a doctor and after you choose. Any type of medicine please don’t take without doctor’s permission. Please Keep doing exercise regularly that improves your health.

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